Fueling your
body and health
without the fillers and
artificial sweeteners

picture of protein bottle and spinach, beets, tart cherries


As a physician and pharmacist with over 21 years of higher education we understand the physiologic importance of proper nutrition. Being athletes as well as healthcare professionals we decided to create nutritional supplements that don’t contain artificial sweeteners, dyes or unnecessary fillers.                            
We are using our knowledge to create products with simple ingredients that work. We want to improve your energy, health, fitness and recovery. Busy lives can make it challenging to fit in the right nutrition. Our product simplifies nutrition and makes it easy to fit in a healthy option on the go, for breakfast or a snack. 
Even if you have never exercised or tried eating healthier you can start at any age. Derby Fit wants people to set goals and achieve them. Together we can do anything. We want you to be the exception! 
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